a journal and resource for fostering gratitude
in your heart, home, and family
By Wendy Meg Siegel

Gratitude is an ideal foundation on which to navigate life's ups, downs, and constantly changing landscape. It is a powerful gift we can give ourselves and our children for leading a happy and healthy life with a positive outlook. This 365 day journal helps deepen your personal gratitude practice while providing tips and suggestions for fostering the gratitude habit in your children and within your home. Filled with ideas for family activities, the journal becomes a resource and teaching tool for nurturing gratitude and making it an integral element in your home and family. In just minutes a day, you can develop a powerful habit and become a grateful role model for your children.

Parenting The Gratitude Habit
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Here’s what’s included in the book:

  • 365 gratitude journal entries to record daily gratitude.
  • Prompts and ideas for growing your personal relationship with gratitude.
  • Activities and exercises for additional reflection.
  • Tips and techniques to help deepen your family's gratitude habit.  
  • Suggestions for family gratitude activities, outings, discussions, etc.  
  • Kid centered gratitude crafts and activities.  
  • List of gratitude related children's books
  • Blank pages to record "Gratitude To Do List" and "Quotes and Notes."

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